Soul Eater Review

Black Star is an overzealous, highly excitable, and especially powerful meister with a lot of hidden potential. The series follows him on random escapades that seem out of this world as he vows to become the strongest man to ever exist, and even to surpass god himself. Can he complete such an impossible task? Only time will tell!

Soul Eater Review

The series takes place in a tech school built for weapon meisters with the Grim Reaper as the headmaster. The typical set up is for meisters to pair up with a weapon (people that can shape shift into weapons) and collect 100 souls in order to transform the weapon into a Death Scythe. Only a few have managed to accomplish this in the past and it is considered the highest honor.

The story follows Black Star and Tsubaki, Maka and Soul Eater, and Death the Kid with his two weapons. While aiming to accomplish their own individual agendas and creating death scythes, they are often caught in skirmishes to defend their city from all sorts of evil forces.

The Good

The character design is very unique, as are the abilities of each meister. Soul Eater focuses on teamwork, while emphasizing individual character progression. The three main teams are often on separate missions, but we see how they all intertwine.


The mainest (i just made that word up) character, has that ‘never give up’ mentality, and that coupled with his quest for ultimate power, makes him very enjoyable to watch grow. The art is very different from mainstream anime and I couldn’t help but wanting to see what weird characters/abilities/sceneries the next episode would introduce. The art is fantastic; Death City is a unique place with many small quirks that make it seem very refreshing.


Did I mention that the moon and sun smile when the city is prospering and frown when it’s in trouble?

The Bad

Immediately, I have to say that the ending was weak. It flows well with the series, but I felt like it could have been better. Black Star is haunted by this giant zebra demi-god looking thing throughout the series, and when he finally masters it and you think he will defeat the last villain, someone else does.

Some of the episodes focusing on Maka were slightly annoying because she complains a lot. There were two filler episodes that I thought didn’t add much to the show.


I would recommend this show to people that like fighting anime, fantasy anime, and anime with an overconfident main character. If you’re in it for love, romance, or hidden twists, you probably won’t like this show.


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2 thoughts on “Soul Eater Review

    • It is a very interesting anime indeed! You can find this around the net, or on youtube, but I fully recommend purchasing the DVDs to support the company if you like it.

      If you have any more questions, or comments, please do go right ahead and ask :)

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