Samurai Champloo Review

champloo_4samurai champloo mugenYou’ve likely already seen this series, as it became somewhat popular, but I just had to add it on my list.

The series follows 2 samurais and this chick they are bodyguards for around. One of the samurai is kind of dorky with glasses but has unmatched sword skills. The other guy is a badass that doesn’t even let people look at him the wrong way, with an unusual fighting style.

These two fighters initially want to kill each other but eventually develope some kind of bromance between them. The girls name is Fu but she is not important so we’ll ignore her for now.

Anyways, the series follows these 2 guys around in what seems like a lot of sub stories that make up the main arc. Each episode has fighting in it, and the fighting is always good. The art is done really well, and the characters are very well developed.

Samurai champloo Jin



What’s good about this anime in a few words? Great art, great fight-scenes, fast-paced action, great characters!

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

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