Medaka Box Review

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Medaka Box ReviewMedaka Box

Newly elected Student Council President Medaka Kurokami is considered perfect in every way. She has a talent for doing things no one else can, and doing what others can, even better. Soon after being elected, she institutes a unique way to help her fellow students. She creates a suggestion box that people can submit problems to that they need help with.

What starts off as cute little errands for her and her best friend Zenkichi, quickly turn into contests with other clubs, life-endangering missions, and even bouts with the supernatural. Soon they find themselves at the center of it all.

The Good

Once it gets rolling, the series is very good. Kurokami Medaka is a very interesting character and we see a lot of her development. When she becomes enraged, we see some of the most one-sided fighting in any anime out there.

The fighting in this series revolves around people that possess hidden abilities called abnormalities. These abilities vary widely from person to person and can include anything from being good at throwing bouncing balls, to being able to command others with only words (think Code Geass style). In my opinion, the second season is far superior to the first.

The Bad

It takes a while for the series to actually get going. The first half of the first series is mostly about school life, secret admirers, and saving puppies. If you don’t enjoy that, you likely won’t make it to where the fun starts. The series doesn’t start to shine until the last couple episodes of the first season.
A lot of the character types are used in many other anime and some are very corny. There is your typical cute and quiet girl. There is the typical good-looking guy that has unrequited love for the main heroin. And there is the typical seemingly innocent but actually scheming friend.

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