Kaze no Stigma Review

Kaze no Stigma, also known as Stigma of the Wind, has two great anime seasons and is based on a novel by Takahiro Yamato. The hero controls a legendary power given to him by the god of the wind, but will he use that power for good, or for revenge?

Kaze no Stigma Review

Yagami Kazuma was born a member of the Kannagi house, a clan who hosts a thousand year lineage of renowned fire users. At a young age, he was easily beaten by his cousin Ayano (who has a striking resemblance to Shana from Shakugan no Shana) and ridiculed for having no talent in fire magic. He was banished by his father Genma, known as the man with the strongest fire affinity, and decided to find his own way. Four years later, Kazuma returns to Japan as an extremely powerful wind magic user, and a grudge against the family that cast him aside.

Suspiciously, right before Kazuma returns, a few members of the Kannagi household are murdered by wind magic. With most of his former family suspecting him, and the fire and wind magic clans on the verge of war, Kazuma cannot escape his past. The only one that believes he is innocent, is his younger brother Ren.

The Good:

Kazuma is a badass anime character. I love his confidence, and the fact that no one stands on equal footing with him. He turned the weakest magic (wind magic) into the strongest weapon, and shocked everyone. The series revolves around elemental based magic, and we see unique ways in which its applied. Wind is used to create levitation, force fields, and even invisibility. Basically, you will like this series if you like the main character. If you don’t, I would not recommend this to you. Lastly, Kaze no Stigma season 2 is just as good as season 1.

The Bad:

The story is really transparent with little depth. The animation looks kind of dated and cheap. The voice acting in the dubbed anime is really bad, so you should definitely see it in the subbed format. The characters – with the exception of Kazuma and Genma – are really simple and predictable. I got bored quickly of scenes that didn’t include them, but luckily these are few and far in between. Kazuma can be a little immature sometimes, but his other traits make up for his shortcoming here.

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