Katanagatari Review

spring1063808katanagatari_anime_desktop_wallpaper-otherThis is an awesome anime with a very unique style of art. I think i initially googled ‘ cool fighting anime ‘ and did some digging to find this one, and i’m glad I did! The series is all about kicking ass, crazy over the top bottles, and weird but awesome abilities. There are ninja’s that can make themselves weightless, shoot spines out of there fingers, and even a little girl that fights with a 900 pound iron sword (no one else is able to lift it, she is insane!).

The story follows Shichika Yasuri and Togame as they try to capture all the deviant blades.  What are deviant blades and who is Shichika Yasuri? Well deviant blades are blades made from this famous wizard like guy that hold strange powers (each blade has its own power) and are said to influence the world. The blades have unique characteristics and when wielded properly they can turn the tide of battle. Katanagatari07For obvious reasons, you want to have as many of these blades as possible.

Togame works for the current emperor and her task is to collect all these blades so none might use them to challenge his grand authority. Shichika Yasuri is the 13th (or 16th?) master of this fighting style  and it’s said to be a sword style that does not use swords. He becomes the sword himself, and much of his techniques are focused on breaking the opponents weapon (which he is forbidden to do) so he’s only fighting at 50% of the power most of the time. However, this 50% is more than enough for his enemies, because he is rarely cornered or even challenged. In the second episode, he almost kills some bandit just by kicking him once.Katanagatari_ani_01

The plot is kind of odd, but its unique, so i decided to roll with it. I was not disappointed because this anime is set up in an almost tournament style fashion. Every episode Shichika is facing a new enemy and has to beat them to get the deviant sword and the fight scenes are great.

Also, Shichika has a sister who is overpowered as hell. Without spoiling too much of the show, I will say that her 10% power is far stronger than anyone else in the series, with the exception of that little girl and her heavy sword.

So all in all, the art initially turned me off, but i really came to appreciate it. The scenery is great, the action scenes are really vibrant, and it really made me want to keep watching.

What’s good about this anime in a few words? Unique art style, epic fight-scenes, fast-paced action, something new every episode, awesome ending!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


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