Jormungand Review

Jormungand Perfect Order - OP - Large 02


Love guns, girls, and plots to rule the world? I do, so this anime was really really cool for me.

I found this anime to be very similar to Black Lagoon. They both have their similarities, and strengths and weaknesses comparatively. However, If i had to choose one as being superior, it would be Jormungand.

The story revolves around a young boy (who slaughtered a base of douchey-child molesting- army dudes) and an arms-dealer – including her team of highly trained bodyguards that surround her – that travel all over the world on random missions.

It seems pretty simple at first, sell-weapons to make profit, but soon we realize that there are greater schemes in the making. The arms-dealer – who happens to be a cute girl in her early 20′s – actually has a vision of taking over the world.

We watch her manipulate, trick, and come up with clever schemes/tactics to continually gain the upperhand on her enemies. It’s almost as glorious as Lelouch during Code Geass. Truly a magnificent anime with a great, fitting ending.433781-angel_in_the_crosshairs_4

What’s good about this anime in a few words?: Awesome gun-fights, great comradery, great characters, awesome plot, lots of clever schemes.

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

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