Hunter x Hunter Review

Follow Gon, Killua, and gang on an epic adventure in a fantasy world as they battle countless villains with hopes of becoming the most powerful hunters ever. Hunter x Hunter is a shounen, action, adventure anime with a lot of depth and detail based on the popular manga by Togashi Yoshihiro.

Hunter x Hunter

A hunter is one who has proven his prowess both in power and intelligence, and has many privileges in the world. These privileges are tied with responsibilities and a burden that the average human cannot hope to shoulder. Not everyone can become a licensed hunter, and most who attempt the exam either fail or meet an early death.

Hunters travel the world completing various missions and undertaking near suicidal tasks without regret. Gon is a 12 year old boy who leaves his village with the dream of following in his father’s footsteps, becoming a pro hunter, and eventually reuniting with him. On the way to the exam, Gon meets a crimson-eyed Kurapika, an insightful man named Leorio, and his soon-to-be long-term compatriot Killua the assassin. Little do they know what fate has in store for them as each day has them dancing with death and uncovering their own latent potential. A long and treacherous journey awaits them and no one knows where it will lead!

The Good

The characters are what make this story great. They are very deep and each character’s background is thoroughly explored. There is the revenge-driven Kuripika, the assassin Killua who wants to escape his past, and Gon who will do anything to see his father. The friendship among these three, and especially Gon and Killua is beautiful.
The world itself is full of mysteries, the art is so-so but the character and ability uniqueness is what pulls it all together. There are countless ways for people to improve or become stronger, so they are constantly doing something exciting.
The abilities greatly vary from hunter to hunter and we can see anything from abilities that create a sun to burn all enemies, to chains that attach to peoples hearts and crush them under certain conditions, to vacuum cleaners that can suck blood out from the pores of enemies.
The series is very long and on-going, so there is a lot to take in, and a lot of time to spend watching.

The Bad

It is a shounen so it follows a similar design. Gon is the same ‘never give up’, dim on the surface and smart in battle, courageous type we see in other anime like Naruto and One-Piece.
The series starts off very very slow. I could not get into the first 10 or so episodes, so i had to skip them to become interested.A lot of other episodes also see dull, and the anticipation of seeing the next fight is what keeps me watching.
Some of the hunter’s abilities are corny and seem like the writers ran out of ideas, although that may be what they intended to do. There are random abilities like.


If you like shounen, watch this one. It’s much more interesting than Naruto in my opinion. If you can’t get into it due to the first 10 episdes, just skip them. I could not watch those ones either!

Hunter x Hunter Review

I started watching the original adaption by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and I was not into this series at first. I tried to watch it a couple times a few years ago, and the beginning episodes were so slow that I kept quitting before it got anywhere good. Eventually I decided to give it another shot (skipping the first 10 or so episodes) and I was surprised by the combat sequences.


I started watching right near the beginning of the hunter exams, and I was hooked the first time I saw Killua rip his opponents heart out. There must be something good to this child-like shounen after all right?

After that I was pretty impressed by the development, even if it seemed slow at times (a problem that would be corrected by the new Hunter x Hunter series). I really love the progression and how Gon, Killua, and Kurapika learned nen at its base form, and slowly learned more and more advanced techniques. The series kept me motivated because I wanted to see what badass thing they would learn to do next. Killua started impaling people with lightning strikes, and Gon, well Gon… he was just Gon.

Eventually we got to greed island and the characters were pretty powerful at this point compared to what they used to be. They were still small fry compared to the really powerful hunters – which is fucking awesome by the way, because it means there is so much more to still come – but they were holding their own against other hunters three times their age.

Greed island ended and a new Hunter x Hunter series began. This time it was directed by Hiroshi KĊjina and oh my god, it was so much better! Not only does this series go beyond where the first one ended, but it cut out a lot of the annoying stuff from the earlier adaptation. I’m still currently watching it and Killua is just as badass as he ever was. He can do shit no one else can do, and his lightning-speed god mode is unparalleled, not to mention Gon is continually becoming more badass as well! I’m excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to see the story unfold!


Edit: In some of the more recent episodes we finally get to see the Phantom Troupe fight. Feitan fighting the fake chimera ant queen was really fucking awesome. We got to see his intense speed and one of his abilities that was never showcased before. Some of the other members of the troupe even remarked “How is it possible to move that fast” “How is it possible to attack from that angle?” , It was truly a testament to his power and he has become one of my favorite characters since.

It reminded me a lot of that crazy fight when Kurapika fought Ubogin and easily destroyed him.

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