High School of the Dead Review

In a world overrun by plague and zombies around every corner, high school student Takashi Kornuro and a group of survivors must band together to ensure their survival. While desperately trying to live, they ruthlessly slaughter many zombies along the way. Will they succeed or meet an unfortunate end? Only time will tell..

High School of the Dead Review

Students at Fujimi High School notice something is a little strange. Students are suddenly becoming ill, and cell phones are not working correctly. Shortly after, students begin attacking each other in a cannibalistic fashion and Takashi is forced to kill his best friend in self defense. With many of the students dead, a few band together and quickly realize what is happening.

People are not only dying, but they are returning to life as the living dead. The group attempts to escape the school and figure out who or what has turned the world upside down. They desperately seek answers and a way to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The Goodhigh

It is very realistic and there are many twists. It reminded me a lot of the television series ‘The Walking Dead’ only without all the boring conversations, and drawn out highly emotional episodes. The fighting is much more entertaining in this anime as well.


The personalities among the different characters are very varied, and mesh together to make an interesting mix. You can feel the tone of desperation to survive and people make decisions accordingly.The best part of this was how realistic the decisions that people made were. This isn’t one of those anime where I was constantly thinking “That was stupid” or “He should have done this instead”
There is a lot of fan-service and I mean a lot of it, which I admittedly did enjoy in this anime.

The Bad

It is 2 seasons but it feels very short. There is a lot of action, and although it works to develop the characters, it could have been done a little better. There are multiple jealousy plots and it follows the typical paradigm of ‘all the females see how brave the main protagonist is, and end up falling in love with him’.

The story never had a conclusion and it is unlikely they will create a third season to give us closure.


If you like fast-paced, dark, and gory, anime with many twists, you will like this one. If you enjoy seeing a lot of big breasted women who’s clothing frequently get torn to shreds, you will like this one. If you prefer fantasy love-stories that are not based on real life, you probably won’t like this. High School of the Dead is a very dark and gory fighting/horror anime.


Below is the best deal I could find on the High School of the Dead dvd box set and blurays. In my opinion, it’s worth the money if you don’t want to sign up for a subscription based service instead. I personally like owning hard-copies, but subscriptions have the benefit of being able to watch it anywhere with an internet connection!

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