High School DxD Review

In a world dominated by big breasted devils, scheming fallen angels, and ruthless servants of god, you never know what might happen next. Issei Hyodo is infused with the power of the Red Dragon Emperor and will do whatever it takes to create his very own harem of beautiful women.

This is a rated R ecchi anime not meant for kids. If you don’t like nudity, suggestive themes, and lots of perversion, this show is not for you.

High School DxD

The series follows Issei Hyodo, a high school student that dreams to someday have a harem of beautiful women. However, when his very first date turns out to be a fallen angel that murders him on the spot, he’s clearly the unluckiest guy on earth.

As death’s grip grows tighter and tighter around his body, a beautiful woman appears and asks him if he wants to live. After giving his answer, he is reincarnated as a devil and his savior, Rias Gremory – heir to one of the highest ranking devil families – is now his master. He knows from that day onward, his life will never be the same!

Soon Issei finds himself a key figure in a millennia long battle royal between angels, devils, and fallen angels. Which side will prevail?

The Good

This show is like a tease that keeps me wanting to see more and more. More powers, more women, and of course I want to see Issei eventually create his harem.

The art is very good, and they have this unique formal battle system when they are not battle-royaling or ambushing each other. The fight scenes are well thought out, and strategy is a large part of success in this story. There are a lot of twists, and its difficult to determine who is good and who is evil at first glance. Being a devil, angel, or fallen angel says little about which side their on.

The Bad

There were a lot of bad aspects to the series. If it wasn’t for the nudity (and I don’t often watch ecchi) I would likely have dropped this series. There is a lot of repetitive dialogue and one of the characters – Asia – is incredibly annoying. The story isn’t all that interesting, and there are quite a few plot holes. There are a few fillers and episodes where nothing interesting happens.

Also it seems silly how quickly Issei becomes powerful compared to the other characters. He is considered a pawn but is strong enough to take on a queen within the first season.


If you like ecchi and nudity, watch High School DxD. If you like tournament style battles, watch this series. If you’re in it for a compelling story line, this is not for you.

The first and second seasons are pretty similar, so one is not better than the other.

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