Fate/Zero Review

fate-zero-fate-zero-27227329-1280-800fate-zero-x-535796Oh my god. This series blew my mind. The art in this show is AWESOME. Seriously, you want to rewind and watch fights over and over again because they are that good!

This series is just like Fate/Stay Night (which didn’t make the list) only way more badass. It’s darker, and crazier shit happens. It follows the different characters around and eventually you see how all their stories intertwine.

There is a lot of blood, a lot of ass kicking, and a lot of torture. Sounds pretty gruesome right? Right!fatezero2

One of the main characters is this badass ‘mage-hunter’ who is a regular human but goes up against many mages successfully. He has some thing implanted in his heart which allows him to speed up or slow down time for himself. Also, he has his ribs powdered into some of his bullets which means instant-maiming for any mage that gets hit by one. All this mixxed with his ruthless attitude quickly made him one of my favorites. He has no problem killing innocent people that get in the way, however he does all this with the goal of saving the world.

I forgot to mention that the premise of this show is 10 people competing (last one alive wins) for the holy grail which can grant any wish the winner desires. Each of these 10 people summon a servant which range from King-Arthur in chick form, to alexander the great, and some crazy voodoo spell-caster that wants to bone king arthur. One of the guys even transforms into a plane, because we all know knights could always do that.

What’s good about this anime in a few words? Animation, Realism, and the way the plot intertwines. There is no typical ‘good-guy’ here. Just a bunch of people competing for their own selfish (and unselfish) desires.


If this sounds like something you might enjoy, I definitely recommend checking it out!

You can watch Fate Zero online at crunchyroll, with a subscription. They have a 14 day free trial!

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