Code Geass Review

Minitokyo.Code.Geass .lelouch faceCode-Geass-lelouch-lamperouge-zero-7418811-1024-768This anime is epic in every sense of the word. It’s set in a world where one large nation is oppressing the world. They have superior military might, and some immortal midget test-tube babies on their side. These midgets don’t seem like a big deal at first, but then you find out that they grant crazy fucking powers to the people they make contracts with.

Anyways, this evil nation is hellbent on oppressing the japanese (now called 11′s) until Lelouch meets an immortal who grants him the power of the king. This power is just straight up dope. He can make anyone do whatever he wants to do, just by looking in their eyes and saying a command. That power on top of his genius tactics and strategies, allows a rebel unit to challenge the empire. You watch his influence and forces develop as he goes from a high school student, to eventually becoming the sole ruler of the planet.code geass albion guren

This series takes many twists and turns and always leaves you wondering “How will Lelouch win this one” and he always pulls miracles out of his ass (in a good way) and gets the job done.

I forgot to mention this, but this is a mech-style anime. I’m not really a fan of gundams and all that jazz, but it was okay in this show. The plot and Lelouch are what made this series epic.


codegeass albion no

What’s good about this anime in a few words? Lelouch is brilliant, the story is perfect, there are so many twists and turns you never know what to expect.

Overall Rating : 9.8/10

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