Casshern Sins Review

In a world where death did not exist, Casshern was assigned the task of killing Luna the goddess of life, and in doing so, he set forth a cataclysmic series of events that damned the world to ruin. Now Casshern, the last immortal being with an advanced cybernetic body, goes forth on a quest to save the world from imminent destruction. Casshern Sins is an Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Drama style anime.

Casshern Sins

Casshern Sins is a reboot of the 1995 film Casshan. Casshern is a loyal subordinate and strongest fighter in Braiking Boss’s robot army. He is a keen warrior with natural abilities far surpassing any other, and can easily destroy any opponent that gets in his way. After being ordered to assassinate Luna – the sun that was named moon – he inadvertently damned the world to destruction. Without Luna, the immortality robots took for granted and accepted as normal, begins to slip away, and they seek ways to avoid death.

Casshern returns a hundred years later, without memory of who he is or what he has done. On his quest to find answers, he encounters many people that fear him, many that wish to kill him, and many that wish to consume him and gain his immortality. To the world he is known as the bringer of destruction, but to those closest around him he is a kind and pure soul.

Distraught by the deaths of his comrades, Casshern once again seeks out Luna to remind her that she is the keeper of life, and he is the bringer of death.


The Good

The premise of the show is very fresh. The world is unique, and the story is compelling. The main character is a pleasure to watch as he grows and finds answers for himself. The series is fast-paced and you never really feel bored watching it.

The fighting is well-animated and the scenes are very interesting. It’s almost like a faster-paced version of Dragon Ball Z, with characters being punched through walls and mountains. Casshern is invincible when he is focused, but midway through the series, he begins to question what he is fighting for.

The music is very fitting, and compliments the scenes very well. I could feel Casshern’s anger, hope, doubt, and confusion with the changing music themes.

The ending was great, and some say this can be viewed as a prequel to Casshan.

The Bad

The fighting does get a little stale. After watching Casshern kill thousands of enemies, it gets a little old towards the end of the series. Aside from Casshern, Dio, and a few others, a lot of characters are lacking in depth.

I was a little confused by the ending. I wasn’t sure why Luna was suddenly alive again until I did some research.


If you like overpowered main characters you will like this. If you like drama style adventures, where the main character is finding his own answers, you will like this. If you like a unique setting not often explored by different anime, you will like this as well. I can’t really relate this to another series, as I have not seen anything similar before!

I recommend you watch this dubbed. The voice acting is great!

Casshern Sins Review

This is an anime I found when I was searching for overpowered main characters, and boy, he fits the role. He is basically one of the top 3 fighters in this world (along with 2 other identically built cyborgs) only he has the power or curse to painfully regenerate from any injury. If his head gets cut off, he will regenerate Hellsing style. That is pretty badass to me, so I was just hoping deep down inside that he was an interesting and not whiny character, as I got into the series.

The series starts off fast, and we are immediately thrown into a battle. We see this white cyborg-looking thing completely annihilate a group of enemies that are trying to consume him. Casshern is that white cyborg, and when he got pissed off, his eyes glowed and he utterly annihilated his enemies in a ruthless fashion. After that opening battle, I HAD to keep watching.

Originally I was in it for the epic fight scenes, but as I kept watching, the story drew me in as well. We find out that the world hates Casshern, but we don’t know why. Casshern does not know why, and nobody explains it! We are left guessing and need to keep watching to find out.

More enemies come at him, and more enemies drop hints that he is the reason for the ruining of the world. Some enemies drop references to the before-time, when green grass covered the world, and everyone was happy. Say that again?? You mean the world was not always this sand covered land of death? I didn’t know that either.

Naturally, I wanted to keep watching, and I met some cool characters along the way. There was this guardian of death grim-reaper looking guy that was another badass, and some less fighting-inclined robots that Casshern befriends. We see a different side of Casshern and actually begin to pity him for the way things are. I mean he has no memory of what he did, if he even did it, or why the entire world is against him.

Every episode gives us more insight into what happened, and by the end we begin to put the pieces together. Apparantely Casshern was once the loyal subordinate to the evil boss, was ordered to kill Luna the source of life, and that is the reason for the current apocalypse.

The series ends on a vague but interesting note. I thought Casshern was going to kill the resurrected Luna (apparentely she is also immortal, but in a different sense), but instead he simply warns her. Ever since being killed by Casshern, she has developed a fear of death, and kills everything that looks like it might be dying (90% of the world at this point) and saves only she deems worthy. He basically tells her to change her ways, start looking at herself as the worlds salvation again, and threatens to return if she ever forgets her role. Casshern takes on the role of death in this series, so others do not forget the beauty of living. He is a selfless man after all!

The series is a very emotional ride, and I forgot to mention but there are humans in this show as well !


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