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We all have different tastes in anime, some of us like gore, some of us like epic moments, and some of us like mainstream bullshit. I have a very refined taste. All the anime in my list are masterpieces.  All the anime in my list are fantastic works of art. All the anime in my lists are not mainstream. If you want to learn more about mainstream anime, you can find those all over the web. That is not the purpose of this site.

Check out my list and I know you will be happy to learn more about them!

With that said, my list is ever-evolving. I will keep this list updated and provide reviews on the anime that make it this far. I will also provide reviews for some anime that could have made the list, but they sucked instead. Enjoy!


My current top 10 anime:

1. Code Geass

2. Fate/Zero

3. Kara No Kyoukai

4. Sword Art Online

5. Jormungand

6. Black Lagoon

7. Katanagatari

8. Samurai Champloo

9. Cowboy Bebop

10. Steins Gate, G Gundam, ghost in the shell

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime

    • Thank you for the kind words :) Anime is something people learn to love, get lost in, and spend their time enjoying. For the most part, they are based on Manga, also known as Japanese comics, or light novels, Japanese works of literature. Much like novels and other works of literature, there are many masterpieces, and some not so great ones. I’d definitely recommend checking out some anime if you like a lot of works of fiction.

      If you have any more questions or comments, please do feel free :)

      - Justin

  1. My only real experience with anime is The Death Note which I really enjoyed. Any other suggestion s for me? There was one that i almost started about a doctor in a hospital???

    • Hey Mike, if you really liked Death Note, there is a very similar anime indeed. I highly recommend you checkout Code Geass. The main character is very similar and they have similar plot elements. Also, I recommend you watch it with english dubs. The voice acting in it is simply great!

      As for your question about the doctor in the hospital, I’m not really sure. Do you have any more details? I would be happy to help you figure out which anime it was, I have seen a lot of them!

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