Anime with a Strong Male Lead

Seshomaru Good Anime ReviewWhat is a Good Anime with a Strong Male Lead?

Code Geass

Lelouch vi Brittania goes by the alias Zero as he attempts to overthrew the current oppressive regime, and liberate the world. He is cocky, intelligent, and very impressive. Just when you think he’s backed into a corner with no way out, he finds a way to prevail. He uses cunning strategies, impressive tactics, and manipulation to overcome even the most fearsome foes. He holds the ‘power of the king’ in his eyes which allow him to control anyone he makes eye contact with.

Kaze no Stigma

Yagami Kazuma is easily the most powerful character in this series. He uses wind-magic which is considered the weakest of all the elemental magics, to overcome all his enemies. He is considered a contractor (the only one in the series) meaning that he made a contract with one of the great elemental spirits. This puts him on a completely different level than nearly everyone one else in the series. The gap in power is truly astonishing. Not only does he possess an extreme amount of strength, but he is cool, calm, and resilient as well. He does not waver, or get scared, and simply pushes ahead using his smarts and abilities.


Izayoi Sakamaki has enough power to challenge the gods themselves. He is a very rare human, infused with some natural strength that was never fully explained. He is one of those laid-back character types that always thinks positively because of the huge amount of confidence he has in himself.

In the first episode he is seen throwing rocks into a river and creating tidal-wave size waves, and his power only increases as the show goes on. Later in the same episode, he knocks out a dragon god with a simple kick to its head.

Medaka Box

Medaka Kurokami can never be beaten. Not only does she possess immense physical strength (she can split a building in half easily), she has a natural ability that allows her to master and improve on anyone else’s ability. This means that if a pro-boxer came at her, she would master her opponent’s technique in an instant, and be able to use it against them. As the series continues, she collects/masters more and more abilities and becomes stronger and stronger.

All that coupled with her carefree attitude and confidence in herself, makes her an amazing lead character.

Blood Lad

Staz is a noble vampire with crazy amounts of hidden potential. While having his power sealed by 60% he was able to easily decimate other noble demons on his level. After his power is released, it gets even better.

He makes an awesome lead because of his carefree and confident nature. He does not worry about petty problems, question himself, or become frightened by powerful foes. He presses forward, and he has the strength to back it up.

He is the boss of an area in what is called ‘Hell’ and has his sights on taking over the entire realm.


I will keep this list growing as i find more and more relevant anime. I hope this has helped you find what you’re looking for!

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