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Hey everyone, I am Justin, and I have been an anime fan for over 15 years.xx

During this period, I have watched hundreds if not thousands of different anime. I’ve been largely interested in fighting anime with great sequences, or anime that just have that awesome ‘cool’ factor. A lot of times, some very awesome anime is hidden, overshadowed by more mainstream series, and people miss out on some truly fantastic works of art!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve searched for good anime on the web, and continuously run into people saying Naruto is the best, One-Piece is the best, or Bleach is the best. Whilst they are great anime, there are tons more out there that are even better.

I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours searching for great anime, and believe me, they are hard to find! This site will help consolidate that information, and hopefully point you guys in the right direction!

So what makes an anime great?

First and foremast, it’s about the characters. A strong lead character is very important. No one wants to watch a series where the hero of the story is constantly whining, or questioning himself. We like confidence, and we like it now!

Fight scenes and great visuals in general are also important. Sometimes, if the character is really compelling, the fight scenes can be lacking and the anime will still be good, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

No fillers! I hate fillers and I know you do too!

Progression. We like our characters to become smarter, stronger, or more clever as the series goes on.

Epic moments of badassery. That moment in Princess Mononoke when Ashitaka lifted a door that requires 10 men to move, is what i’m talking about.


Do me a favor and if anything captures your interest, or you want to discuss something, just comment! Get involved with the site! I love to discuss ideas and appreciate feedback of any kind. I’m always happy to help :)




Founder of Good Anime Review
email. Justin@goodanimereview.com

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